Diamond Auction Nets Alrosa $10.3 Million

Diamond Auction Nets Alrosa $10.3 Million

To the surprise of the guests, Porter Rhodes was brighter than all the other stones brought that day. This also confirmed the American searcher in the belief that the new decoration must have exceptional value and unique characteristics.

A dream new owner

In January 1881, Rhodes left South Africa and went with a new diamond to Great Britain to find him a truly royal owner. In London, he was presented to the custodian of the Crown Jewels Colonel Gawler, who was recommended to him by Queen Victoria. She was fascinated by the beauty of this impressive stone and made sure that he actually came from South Africa.

At the time there was a mistaken belief that the ornaments extracted in the south of Africa have a yellowish hue and are not diamonds of the highest value. To Queen Rhodes’s astonishment, he confirmed the origin of the diamond, but finally failed to convince the royal family to make a purchase.The road from Great Britain to India …

After an unsuccessful attempt to sell at the British court, Rhodes returned to London and organized an exhibition on Bond Street to find a new buyer for valuable decorations. A representative of the English diamond merchants offered her 60,000 pounds, but the American seeker did not agree to the transaction, arguing that the value of the jewel definitely exceeds 200,000 pounds.

That’s when he decided to polish it and thus increase the chances of selling at a good price. It was transformed into a 73-carat stone, which was bought by the famous jewelry company Jerwood and Ward of London.for more info you can check that 鑽石價格.

In Amsterdam, her grinders again subjected the jewel to jewelry processing, thanks to which a 56.6-carat diamond was cut in an asscher cut. In this form he was acquired by the Indian Maharaja of Indore, Tukojirao Holkar III.and back to Great Britain …

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