Rubbish Removal in London is Easy with Clearabee

Rubbish Removal in London is Easy with Clearabee

Rubbish Removal in London is Easy with Clearabee


Cleaning up litter has never been the most glamorous task but it’s always been a necessary one. Studies suggest, for example, that the amount of litter dropped each year in the UK has increased by 500 per cent since the 1960s, with nearly half of the population admitting to dropping litter; with those kinds of numbers, it’s no wonder the demand for picking up has increased. But just as there is plenty of litter to be cleared, it’s also never been easier to do so. With their own dedicated hashtag, litter picks are happening everywhere and disposal services like Clearabee can help when it’s time to haul away your collection.


A Viral Sensation

Hashtags are made to create awareness and connect a community and #trashtag has done just that and more. The hashtag has been shared alongside pictures of everyday people collecting rubbish from their communities and it’s brought awareness of the environmental impact that litter has on the earth to both young and old looking to make a difference. Even the media outlets that were once simply reporting on the sensation have gotten in on the act. The “Keep Britain Tidy” initiative, in partnership with Daily Mail, has created the Great British Spring Clean and declared it the “biggest war on litter the UK has ever seen”. With over one million hours pledged and more than 900,000 rubbish bags already filled, each event has brought its own community together to pick up the litter.


How To Get Involved

Whether you’re tackling rubbish removal in London or beyond, there are plenty of ways to get in on the action to help your planet and beautify the outdoors. In fact, the best part about picking up litter is that it can be done almost anytime, anywhere. Pick a location that is hampered by rubbish and invite your friends to help you clean it up. If you wish to share your success, you can use the popular #trashtag when posting a before and after photo to social media. Even if you don’t share the pictures, the work you do will benefit the environment and have a positive impact on your community.


What You’ll Need to Participate

If you’re taking on the task of picking up litter in your area, the first thing to remember is that safety comes first. Get yourself a pair of work gloves before starting if you intend to use your hands to pick up litter to prevent contact with dangerous materials; sharp objects like broken glass bottles aren’t something you’ll want to handle with bare hands. Next, you’ll want a durable bag to collect your rubbish. If you’re handling a number of different materials, you’ll want something that will hold up. For example, Clearabee offers different bags and sacks that are suitable for almost any waste type and as an added bonus, they can be shipped directly to you and picked up when you’re finished.



As a service that helps you collect and clear rubbish, Clearabee is dedicated to making the UK a cleaner, safer place. When the time comes for your rubbish removal in London or anywhere else in the UK, Clearabee has the tools and manpower to get the job done fast. For both large and small items, there are removal options that fit your budget and lifestyle and can help reduce your rubbish. Whether you need bags for picking up litter from the back garden or a skip to dispose of bulky, construction waste, Clearabee can help.



There’s no better time than now to get involved with cleaning up your community and picking up litter when you see it. Even if you simply start with your own street or local park, the impact extends further than you might think. From rubbish removal in London to across the UK, people are joining in on this worthwhile cause. Clearabee can help you get there and with a variety of bags, sacks, skips and other supplies, there’s no job too big or small.

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