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How Payoneer Can Help Users In Pakistan

Payoneer In Pakistan: How Payoneer Can Help Users In Pakistan



Payoneer is the online payment service which is growing day by day in Pakistan because there isn’t any other payment service in Pakistan. If I go to flashback before the concept of Payoneer in Pakistan + $25 Bonus digital marketers were facing many kinds of issues to get paid. Pakistan is enlisted in the greylist which in return against the policy of international online banking and that is the reason Paypal is banned in Pakistan.

Introduction to Payoneer

Payoneer is the online payment service which was founded in 2005, and It aims to provide its services all over the World. Payoneer is serving in almost 200+ countries, and It is providing access to multiple currencies.


How Payoneer Works in Pakistan

Payoneer dashboard comprises of many features through which you can get paid easily. If you are a digital marketer and you want to make your digital marketing career, then you can use Payoneer. You can access multiple debit cards with multiple currencies with free of cost.


If you work with more than one marketplaces, then you can add a specific debit card to a specific marketplace and get paid with no limitation or restriction. You can access to default Payoneer bank accounts, or you can add multiple bank accounts after the approval from the helpline.


It’s online banking, so you don’t need to visit their physical branch you can easily access to your bank accounts from the web-based application, or you can install the application in your smartphone.


Payoneer got popularity in Pakistan because of its usability. It has a very easy interface, and you don’t learn technical knowledge to use it because It is easy to use.


If you have the local bank account and you want to get paid there, then you can add your existing local bank account with the Iban number in your Payoneer account, and you will be asked to add the authentic details of your local bank account. You will be asked to wait for 1-2 weeks. After approval, you can get paid in your local bank account without any additional charges.


Do you want to get paid through your debit ATM card? You can withdraw your funds directly from your MasterCard easily. You have to insert the card in the standard charted atm machines, don’t put in local atm machine; otherwise, it will be captured.


How to Signup Payoneer Account in Pakistan

Here is a complete process of Payoneer in Pakistan signup;


*         Visit the web address or URL of Payoneer official website, or you can follow the referring link or the invitation link to get Payoneer account. (In manual sign might be you will not get the signup reward but If you follow the invitation link you and your referrer both will be the signup reward)

*         You will be asked to add the authentic details of your profile. Don’t try to put wrong details; otherwise, you will not be able to use Payoneer for entire life.

*         You have to add the attachments of your scanned documents. It can be a government approved Identity card or license.

*         After it, you have to click on the Signup button and wait for 2-3 days to get approval.

*         You can check the status of your account by signing in, or you will be notified in your email address.

*         You can use your Payoneer account after the approval.

Payoneer Global Payment Services

Payoneer global payment services are the feature of Payoneer through which you can manage multiple bank accounts with multiple currencies. You can also access to more bank accounts after getting the approval from the support. There aren’t any additional charges to access more than one bank accounts in Payoneer online payment service.


How to Activate Payoneer Master Card

As you Payoneer doesn’t provide the online bank account only It provides the Payoneer MasterCard too.

So, here is a complete process by following which you can activate the Payoneer MasterCard;

*         Have you gotten the Payoneer account approval? Now! you have to login into your Payoneer account and click on manage cards, or you can see in the global payment service.


*         Click on your desired currency or country, or you can get in touch with the customer care support man if you want more than two currencies debit MasterCard.


*         Now after the shipping you will have to wait for 14 days because of Pakistan air mail It takes time to reach.

*         Have you gotten the mail? Now unwrap the envelope carefully and access to the laptop and your Payoneer account. You can see the notification of the activate card on your Payoneer dashboard. You will be asked to add the details of the Payoneer card number, CVC number, expiry date and now you will be approved to use the MasterCard.

*         The same process will be for multiple MasterCards. In case of any issue or question, you can ask their support person to solve or figure out. The average response time of Payoneer support is astonishing.


Payoneer Fees

Payoneer doesn’t charge it’s customers a lot. It probably provides all services for free of cost. You aren’t charged for signup even you will get the signup reward from Payoneer. The charges will be based on each transaction, or you will be charged for each payout which based on the local banking system. The standard charges of Payoneer are yearly charges, and they are just 25$.